When you know better you do better

Like Maya Angelou said…When you know better you do better!

Here’s a HUGE plea from me.

Bees are still swarming and when you see a swarm they are very likely in trek.

This means the old Queen has been given her marching orders and has left with a third of the colony. They do this so as to ensure the survival of the species.

When this happens they expend a lot of energy and are RESTING, more often than not en route to a more suitable home.

When you see the ball of bees please do not wet them, interfere with them or spray them with chemicals.

When they are like this they are at their MOST VULNERABLE!

They have NOTHING to defend so they will just hang around, RESTING while scouts are sent out to look for a suitable home.

Once they have reached a quorum they will leave as quickly as they arrived. They are way too exposed building out in the open.

Call a local beekeeper who will advise you.

Most of us encourage you to leave them bee for a few hours (see what I did there? 🤣🐝) as they are in trek.

These ladies got a bit of a shower a few minutes ago, but the gentleman now knows better and will bee better if it happens that bees settle in his garden again.

Remember there is something so amazing when bees choose your garden to rest in.

In my humble opinion it shows you are doing something right, it’s a huge compliment.

Bee better folks!
Leave the bees bee, they will move on.

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